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The Dana Point City Council appointed Roy Dohner to the Planning Commission on Tuesday, May 3, after conducting interviews for the vacant seat at their regular public meeting.

Dohner is a Dana Point resident who has had a long career in corporate real estate. Dohner managed the global real estate assets of Mobil Oil for almost 25 years, before serving a similar role for telecommunications company Nortel, according to his resume.

“I see Dana Point going through a transition,” Dohner said. “I’ve see some of the issues that have come before the city previously, and I’ve been active as a volunteer for and against some projects, and this gives me a better opportunity to try to have some influence on that process.”

The Planning Commission seat was vacated in January 2016 when Liz Claus resigned her position. Council then directed staff to recruit qualified applicants, including those who had already applied. Ten applicants submitted material by the March 21 deadline, of which six were interviewed on Tuesday—one applicant removed his name from the running, and three were unable to attend.

Short interviews were held with each candidate at the Council meeting, and Dohner emerged from a group of applicants with varied qualifications. Other candidates included Bob Slapin, a lawyer; Barbara “Joanie” McKnight, a former teacher; Matthew Miller, a former member of the Dana Point Arts and Culture Commission; Luke Boughen, a real estate lawyer; and Mark Rosen, who has applied previously for city commission positions.

Dohner will serve for three years, having assumed the final three years of Claus’ four-year term.

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  • If you actually watch those interviews, it’s pretty hard to understand why they continue to bypass Mark Rosen. The man is clearly head and shoulders above all the candidates– as well as those doing the interviewing!

    • Frank – I think Larry put his finger on it. They are strapping in for the long run and preparing to put the Lantern District into play for their friends. We need to win on Measure H, squash Measure I and then put some new people on the council this November. We are taking back Dana Point.

  • His background is corporate real estate. Obviously he will fit nicely in the pocket of the developers, right along with the city council.

comments (3)

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