Shwack Beach Grill features a great selection of craft brews to pair with its tasty burgers, spuds and other menu favorites. Photo: Brian Park
Shwack Beach Grill features a great selection of craft brews to pair with its tasty burgers, spuds and other menu favorites. Photo: Brian Park

Shwack Beach Grill brings craft-brews, amped-up beach fare to Dana Point

By The City of Dana Point, Special to the Dana Point Times

Travel 60 miles south and you’ll hit the epicenter of the craft beer world—San Diego.

It’s a scene embraced by consumers who crave small-scale, seasonal brews—one that has taken root throughout the United States as diners opt for beer pairings with meals rather than wine. It is that transition from wine to beer and big to independent brewers that Max Fisher is bringing to Dana Point.

“Craft beer has been a big part of my life since I was old enough to care about it,” said Fisher, owner of The Shwack Beach Grill. “Craft beer is crazy in San Diego and I wanted to bring that to Orange County.”

Sure, Shwack patrons will find bottled favorites like BudLight and Stella Artois, but showcased atop the eatery’s recently-expanded bar are taps unique to microbreweries rotating their way through the beer lineup. Currently on tap are brews from every region of California—from Fort Bragg to San Clemente—and diners are even getting a tour of concoctions from Oregon, Colorado and Louisiana.

Shwack’s doors opened in July 2011, but Fisher’s vision for a laid-back local eatery had long been in the works. With a father in the restaurant business since his birth, Fisher, a Dana Hills High School graduate, paid close attention to dad Dick Fisher’s transition from corporate kitchens to a family-owned restaurant.

The family opened Cosmo’s Italian Kitchen in 1998 and has stayed true to its founding principles of providing homemade cuisine and fine wines at an affordable price. Those standards are also deeply rooted at Shwack, a beach grill envisioned by contractor-turned-restaurateur Max Fisher.

“The heart and soul of Shwack comes from wanting to create a family-friendly, fun place to be,” he said.

Shwack may be best known for its turf offering of burgers, but this beach grill fully embraces the surf too. Crowd favorites include fish tacos, a seared ahi-tuna salad and the Groundswell ahi-tuna burger served with wasabi mayo and Asian-inspired coleslaw. Shwack also serves a full breakfast menu complete with spuds, wraps, pancakes, parfaits and eggs any way a customer prefers.

With the way Dana Point has embraced Shwack, Fisher hopes to someday open more storefronts to spread the eatery’s chill vibes, top-notch food and love of craft beers around.

“I would definitely like to open more locations but the most important thing is this store,” Fisher said. “I have 12 more years on my lease and I hope to be around long after that.”

Shwack Beach Grill
24502 Del Prado Avenue

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