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By Marlene Lopez, Dana Point

In response to the article, “Council Directs Staff to Create a Reserve Account, Fund Doheny Village Plan” in the April 22 issue of the Dana Point Times; what is wrong with our city leaders? Why would they even think about taking away two traffic lanes on Doheny Park Road and adding two roundabouts? Where? In front of Costco, or Smart & Final, or the post office or Ganahl Lumber? A “road diet”? Why? What do they hope to accomplish: more traffic jams, longer waits at each traffic signal? Doheny Park Road is a busy street and taking away two traffic lanes makes no sense whatsoever.

Didn’t they learn anything from the millions spent on heavily trafficked Pacific Coast Highway and now underutilized Del Prado?

It certainly doesn’t work well for those of us who have to use these streets.

The City Council is approving major projects involving the building of hundreds of new condos in Dana Point, which will bring in many more vehicles while taking away traffic lanes. Does this make any sense? Who will benefit from these changes?

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  • The roundabout in Capo Bch is a horrible idea,

  • The round,-about in Capo Bch is a HORRIBLE idea.. People don’t obey the traffic rules now, can you imagine trying to make a turn into a business…. This is not Europe, Mexico City, or South America, IF IT’S NOT BROKE – DON’T FIX IT.

comments (2)

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