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As I walk and drive around town I’ve noticed something a bit strange. Every sign I have seen for “Yes on H” has been in front of a private home. Every sign I have seen for “Yes on I” has been in front of a commercial building. That tells me a bit about who would benefit from each measure.

I did not sign the petition for the group that put Measure H on the ballot. I spoke at length with the signature collectors outside the supermarket and told them that we didn’t need extra legislation and protections because we had the new plan for downtown, that it had taken years to put together and get approved and of course the new developments would follow the rules and regulations as set forth. I see now that I was wrong.

The very first developments are trying to get around the plan and the City Council took the amazing step of putting a competing issue on the ballot, costing the city taxpayers more money. I will be voting yes on Measure H.

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