By Nancy Keck, Laguna Niguel

I am the wife of the man this creep (“Police Search for a Hit-and-Run Driver Who Struck a Pedestrian Saturday in DP” in the Nov. 6-12 issue of the DP Times) hit and left in the street on Oct. 31. It is so hard to comprehend the mentality of a person who would do something like this.

I am happy to report that Mark is doing fine. No broken bones, just lots of bruises and scrapes; he is very sore but each day gets better.

There are no words to express how grateful we are to everyone who helped Mark that evening. This is without a doubt one of the scariest things that we have ever been through.

For those of you of cared enough to comfort a total stranger, you have our eternal gratitude.

Neil Donovan, you are a saint. Thank you so much for your quick thinking and excellent photo of the driver.


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  • I am so happy you and your husband are doing better. Yes, we have a great community and yes, we have nice people as well. Please, know you are in our thoughts.

    There are despicable people out there but also very good people. I hope you continue to deal with the good ones! Best from all of us in Dana Point.

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